Start swapping faces using Webit Neural Machine.
Welcome to Webit online FaceSwap web app. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to easily transfer and swap faces between two different images completely FREE of charge.
You need a Webit account to use our service, but it is completely free and does not require any credit card or other kind of payments.
Simple as that.
Some face swap examples
Billie Buscemi Eilish born from Billie Eilish faceswap with Steve Buscemi powered by Webit Neural Machine
Billie "Buscemi" Eilish.
(Steve Buscemi x Billie Eilish)
Cillian Malfoy Murphy born from Lucius Malfoy faceswap with Cillian Murphy powered by Webit Neural Machine
Cillian "Malfoy" Murphy.
(Cillian Murphy x Lucius Malfoy)
Billie Di Caprio Eilish born from Billie Eilish faceswap with Leonardo Di Caprio powered by Webit Neural Machine
Billie "Di Caprio" Eilish.
(Leonardo Di Caprio x Billie Eilish)
Planned 2023-Q2 New Features 📅 New Features Development
Support for video face swap.
Planned 2023-Q1 New Features 📅 New Features Development
Faces library with specific target face selection.
2022-Q4-Dec Core Engine + Model Update ⬆️ V3 Model Release + V2 FaceSwap Core Engine
New FaceSwap 2.0 Core Engine and FaceSwap V3 AI Model release, with support to advanced custom modes and styles to perform face swap with. The update introduces an unprecedented 2048x2048 face resolution (world first) with extreme facial details, hair quality and more accurate faces perspective geometry (useful for quite tilted faces). This is a breakthrough change and brings general face swap technology state-of-the-art to a new level, making Webit FaceSwap the definitive and world-leading face swap solution for images. Free inference will currently stay with V2.1 model inference, since V3 is actually more expensive to run and V2.1 performs greatly enough over standard definition free swaps.
2022-Q4-Oct Enhancement ⬆️ V2.1 Model Release
New FaceSwap V2.1 AI Model release, with enhanced face attributes, allowing for more accurate faces. Change reflected to Free inference too.
2022-Q3 Model Update ⬆️ V2 Model Release
New FaceSwap V2 AI Model release, with 1024x1024 high quality faces support. Updated Free inference with new V2 model.
2021-Q4 First Release *️⃣ V1 Model Release
FaceSwap first release with V1 Model inference (512x512 faces).
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