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The Webit Image Search REST API lets you effortlessly build web-connected apps and services that find costantly updated organized information from the world.
In this section are listed the support specifications for this API service.
Supported languages
Below are listed the supported languages for both "Trending" and "Search" endpoints.
ISO 639-1 code Language Status Freshness granularity
en English stable minutely
bg Bulgarian stable hourly
de German stable hourly
es Spanish stable hourly
fr French stable hourly
fi Finnish stable hourly
it Italian stable hourly
ja Japanese stable hourly
nl Dutch stable hourly
pl Polish stable hourly
pt Portuguese stable hourly
ro Romanian stable hourly
ru Russian stable hourly
zh Chinese stable hourly
ar Arabic beta hourly
ca Catalan beta hourly
ko Korean beta hourly
nb Norwegian Bokmål beta hourly
sv Swedish beta hourly
tr Turkish beta hourly
uk Ukrainian beta hourly
be Belarusian alpha hourly
ca Catalan alpha hourly
da Danish alpha hourly
el Greek alpha hourly
et Estonian alpha hourly
fa Persian alpha hourly
ga Irish alpha hourly
gl Galician alpha hourly
he Hebrew alpha hourly
hi Hindi alpha hourly
hr Croatian alpha hourly
hu Hungarian alpha hourly
id Indonesian alpha hourly
lv Latvian alpha hourly
no Norwegian alpha hourly
om Oromo alpha hourly
sk Slovak alpha hourly
sr Serbian alpha hourly
tt Tatar alpha hourly
vi Vietnamese alpha hourly
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